Process control software and gas analysis

One of the most significant features of ISOTHERM Pwr® technology is its flexibility which allows not only to provide engineering solutions for different challenges, but also to feed simultaneously a plant with different materials and face strong variations in composition and/or calorific value of incoming materials into the reactor.

The control and gas analysis system of the plant has advanced characteristics to ensure both automated regulation and control and real time response to strong variations of the characteristics of incoming materials; in particular:

  • ISOTHERM Pwr ® control system is based on a Distributed Control System (DCS), with UPS power support
  • ISOTHERM Pwr ® has an absolutely innovative feature: continuous real time monitoring at the reactor outlet, for temperature and gas composition
  • Optimization software coupled with sensors with less than one second response times manage the inherent fluctuations of the treated material
  • The process control software automatically manages the reaction parameters (O2, temperature, TOC) depending on the characteristics of the feed. Should a fault (or a slowdown) be detected, the system sends a prompt to the operator suggesting how to re-establish optimal performance
  • All the process parameters are recorded and the key ones are stored in a database. Compliance data are available to the regulatory agency, on line through Ethernet
  • Real-time gas analysis systems (every 1 tenth of a second, with an overall response time of 2 sec) and appropriate control software allow for an automatic and effective control of the reaction parameters