As part of Sofinter Group, which is one of the few global players in the energy field with prestigious brands (Ansaldo Caldaie, Macchi Boilers), ITEA spa is dedicated to the development and business of plants based on ISOTHERM Pwr ® “Flameless” Oxy-Combustion Technology. Within Sofinter Group, Itea’s mission is to develop and supply customers with the most advanced technological solutions based on ISOTHERM Pwr ® Technology, meeting environmental requisitions.

This Technology enables both treatment and energy recovery of a wide range of law-rank fuels and/or materials having a negative environmental impact (industrial waste, municipal solid waste, contaminated soils), by ensuring quality of emissions above the standards set by current regulations; the flexibility of ISOTHERM Pwr ® Technology allows to extend the application to new fuels (contaminated gases, law-rank coal not used by industry, heavy residue oil) in the context of clean energy and “zero emission”.