Ashes and fumes quality

In conventional combustion technologies, combustion produces large quantities of contaminants and the reduction of pollutants of fumes is achieved through a series of very expensive cleaning operations and treatment of fumes.

The emissions performance of the Isotherm Pwr® plant is already out standing at the reactor outlet before the fumes post-treatment: no soot, TOC<1 ppm (10.000 times less than standard combustion), PAH around a few micrograms, CO a few ppm, and no detectable dioxins or furans.

In the reactor, the incombustible ash passes through a homogeneous high temperature zone, where it melts to form spherical droplets that coalesce and settle at the bottom of the reactor as vitrified slag. The slag is carbon free and 100% amorphous, and totally impervious to heavy metal leaching even with very demanding tests (acetic acid, CO2). Such material is suitable for industrial applications.