Social acceptance

The construction of an industrial plant requires more and more the acceptance by the territory in which the system has to be installed; it is therefore more and more necessary to focus on the issues that make the plant less invasive.Obviously the respect of environment in terms of emissions is the focal point, but other aspects also have to be considered: size of the plant and presence of a chimney, besides the contaminants in the fumes output from the chimney.

Even from this point of view the ISOTHERM Pwr® Flameless Technology allows a step up for two reasons:

  • in primis the size; the absence of nitrogen in the oxidizing agent and pressure allow the reduction of about one order of magnitude (10 times) in volumes in the plant, thus reducing, being equal in size, the size of the plant compared to a traditional plant.
  • in secundis as fumes are essentially constituted by clean CO2, it is possible, in particular for applications in which the market requires the standard size (15 MWt), the use of the same flue gases and consequently the removal of the chimney.