Plants using flameless ISOTHERM Pwr ® technology

Gioia del Colle (South of Italy) – Demonstration and testing facility for all application.

To develop ISOTHERM Pwr® Flameless Oxy-Combustion technology ITEA has engineered and installed a 5 MW thermal demonstration unit of its new process at Gioia del Colle (South of Italy). The reactor works at high temperatures (1400-1800°C) in isothermal conditions; the fumes at the reactor outlet are extremely clean: soot absent, TOC <1 ppm, (10.000 times less than standard incineration), PAH around a few micrograms, CO a few ppm, no detectable dioxins or furans. Incombustible ash, separated out quantitatively as molten slag at the reactor bottom is carbon free and 100% amorphous, totally impervious to heavy metal leaching even under drastic conditions (acetic acid, CO2). Such molten slag fully corresponds to the EPA recommended physical state for fly ash disposal.

Industrial facility at Jurong (Singapore) – Industrial waste application.

Itea’s ISOTHERM Pwr ® Flameless Oxy-Combustion first industrial plant is operating by mid 2011 in Singapore on the island of Jurong. The plant has a capacity of 15 MW thermal fed by petrochemical and pharmaceutical industrial waste from the surrounding areas, supplying steam to local customers

Pilot plant for coal application.

Itea is building a small sized pilot plant, largely funded by DOE (department of energy) in the U.S., dedicated to coal application: a 2nd stage dedicated to the construction of a more significant sized demonstration is realizing.