About us

ITEA spa is one of the most dynamic European players in providing high technology energy-recovery solutions.

As part of Sofinter Group, which is one of the few global players in the energy field with prestigious brands (Ansaldo Caldaie, Macchi), ITEA spa is dedicated to the development and business of plants based on ISOTHERM Pwr ® “Flameless” Oxy-Combustion Technology. Research and development play a significant role as Itea is in charge for the development and technical assistance to our customers both for delivered plants and for possible technological solutions for new applications; besides research and development divisions, the engineering division supplies turn-key plants based on this technology.

ISOTHERM Pwr ® Flameless Oxy-Combustion Technology produces low-cost energy (steam and electricity) by flexible use of low ranking fuels such as waste, heavy oils, pet coke, and coal; this technology is so advanced as to ensure, for any fuel/material used, a quality of emissions far than higher than what is required by the strictest international environmental regulations. ISOTHERM Pwr ® allows to treat, even simultaneously, fuels and waste having completely different characteristics; if applied to the treatment of industrial waste, liquid and solid, it can treat the most dangerous products from industry, and also harmful waste accumulated in dumps over decades.
If applied to the treatment of municipal waste, it can ensure the treatment of any residual waste that has no other industrial economic reuse.
If applied to coal combustion, ISOTHERM Pwr ® Flameless Oxy-Combustion Technology allows the use of standard and low ranking coal, normally not used by power plants, ensuring in both cases higher levels of environmental respect than “clean coal” existing technologies and allowing the production of fumes consisting of concentrated carbon dioxide ready for industrial reuse or confinement.