ISOTHERM Pwr ® Flameless Oxy-Combustion Technology is the most advanced technology in the energy sector in the world and has been the first to make a qualitative leap compared to the basic concepts traditionally used in the design of combustion systems; the “flameless” combustion makes possible a very significant reduction of contaminants from the traditional combustion process and extends the application to sectors and materials non treatable by traditional processes.

This combustion process uses technical oxygen as oxidizing agent in a pressure combustion chamber under slight pressure and at a uniform temperature between 1300 and 1500 °C.
The characteristics of this process make it economically competitive in a variety of industrial applications even very different from each other, preserving in any application an impressive set of performances in the environmental field and an unmatched operational flexibility with traditional technologies; the most significant are:

In the environmental field:

  • Close to zero contaminants in gas emissions and, for the most significant components in healthcare field, a few orders of magnitude lower than current European standards;
  • Incombustible ash in a vitreous structure, totally inert, no carbon;
  • Smaller dimensions compared to traditional plants;
  • Possibility of industrial use of the fumes, with consequent elimination of the chimney;

In the field of operational flexibility:

  • Possibility of simultaneous use of different materials to be treated
  • Possibility to change over time the nature of the product to be treated without modifying the plant.