Environmental impact

Isotherm Pwr® Flameless Oxy-combustion technology is showing a quantum leap advancement towards zero-emissions in combustion processes. Therefore it provides, along with other economical advantages, an environmental advantage which can be summarized in the following 4 points:

  1. contaminants in gaseous emissions close to zero and, for the most significant components in the field of healthcare, a few orders of magnitude lower than the current European standards
  2. incombustible ash in glassy structure, totally inert, without the presence of carbon, usable for industrial purposes
  3. for the same capacity, much smaller dimensions of traditional plants
  4. possibilities of use of the fumes, which essentially consist of CO2, with consequent elimination of the chimney; for applications of small-scale, CO2 can be used for industrial purposes, for large scale applications, the CO2 can be used for EOR (enhanced Oil Recovery) or CCS (carbon capture & sequestration).

What is important to emphasize is that the extreme cleaning of the fumes is not due to complex processes for cleaning and filtering of the fumes produced (as occurs in traditional technologies), but to the actual combustion process that is able to oxidize in a very more effective way the fuel, already in the process of combustion avoiding the creation of contaminants.